JSW Steel USA is an affiliate of the diversified $22 billion JSW Group. The JSW Steel USA Ohio Facility made a new beginning in June of 2018 by acquiring the former Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel plant at Mingo Junction, Ohio. The facility has a rich history dating back to 1856, it is the pride of the people who live and work in the area, and many employees have generational ties to the facility. After undergoing many upgrades, the facility is now housed with an EAF, LMF, Slab Caster, and 80” Hot Rolling Mill, with convenient access to highways for trucking, rail, and barge. JSW Steel USA’s Ohio location continues to invest in many upgrades to offer customers top quality melted and manufactured in the US steel, as well as provide diverse career opportunities to people who are proud to work in the steel industry.

Consteel™ EAF Technology

Steel is a uniquely sustainable material because once it is made, it can be infinitely recycled, making it a product that is used and not consumed. The investment in making steel is never wasted and can be capitalized on by future generations. Scrap is sent to Mingo Junction, then melted in our EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) and can be processed in the LMF (Ladle Metallurgy Furnace) to our customer’s specifications to create slab or hot rolled coil (HRC). Consteel™ EAF technology is among the most energy-efficient and lowest carbon-emitting method of steelmaking, resulting in a significantly lower total carbon footprint.

History of JSW Steel USA Mingo Junction

History of JSW Steel USA Mingo Junction What is now JSW Steel USA was established as Jefferson Ironworks in 1856. The mill has seen many acquisitions throughout history. The facility is most known as the former “Wheeling Steel,” formally as Wheeling Pittsburgh Steubenville South, Mingo Junction. Before the Jefferson Iron Works was established, the area played a significant role in history. In 1770 President George Washington made a tour of the land to portion it off to officers and soldiers who had served in the French War. Washington camped in the area, keeping a detailed account of his time there. At that time, the land was a camping site for Native Americans and early settlers. Mingo Junction became a rendezvous point for pioneers. Over the years, the land transformed from a small agricultural village to a thriving industrial town. The Ohio River that lies just outside the mill was a connection point for the boundary of the Mason-Dixon line. The river served as a crossing for those escaping slavery as part of the Underground Railroad. A small boat with abolitionists at the helm would transport those to freedom during the Civil War across the river and provide passage to the nearby African Methodist Episcopal Church, which still stands today, or strike out to Mount Pleasant. Hollywood has also made its mark on the facility, the mill was featured in the opening scene of the 1979 Academy Award-winning movie, The Deer Hunter.

Jefferson Iron Works established

Labelle Iron Works purchased Jefferson Iron Works

Mingo Iron and Steel Works Company was established

Mingo Iron and Steel Works AKA Mingo Iron works merged with Junction Iron and Steel

Junction Iron and Steel Company changed the company name to Laughlin Junction Iron and Steel Company

Laughlin Steel sold to Aetna Standard Iron and Steel

National Steel Company bought out Aetna Standard Iron and Steel

Carnegie-Illinois Steel Company purchased National Steel (Subsidiary of United States Steel)

Carnegie Steel Plant in Mingo began operations

Wheeling Steel-Steubenville Works held World’s Record for Speed and Size for Hot Rolled Sheet Steel

Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation – Mingo Works was bought out by Wheeling Steel Corporation – Renamed Steubenville South Plant

Wheeling Steel bought Carnegie Steel, and it was known as the Steubenville South or South Works

Wheeling Steel merged with Pittsburgh Steel to become Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corporation

The mill sold one-fourth of all steel in the US

Purchased by JSW Steel Ltd

JSW Steel USA Ohio has a integrated model where scrap is used as a feedstock in the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and modified in the Ladle Metallurgy Furnace (LMF) to customer’s specifications to produce steel slabs



JSW USA Mingo Junction

1500 Commercial Avenue
Mingo Junction, OH 43938

JSW USA Mingo Junction

1500 Commercial Avenue
Mingo Junction, OH 43938