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JSW Steel Texas Works is the best quality decision you will ever make. From the crane operators through the design engineers, our personnel are industry veterans. Their training, dedication and expertise place our company at the forefront of DSAW line pipe manufacturing. JSW plates are closely controlled at every stage of production. Sound metallurgy is the foundation of JSW plates' strength and endurance. Automatic Gauge Control and X-Ray monitoring ensure consistently repeatable results.
Customer-focused R&D  

We never stop looking for ways to improve the quality of our products and the level of service we offer our customers. JSW Steel Texas Works' research engineers are dedicated to continually increasing the quality of our products. We are fully committed to exceeding our customers' expectations: to not only meet, but anticipate, their needs today, tomorrow, and into the next century…

CSR Initiative
An independent Trust, named JSW Foundation, administers the social development initiatives of the JSW group. Mrs. Sangita Jindal chairs the Foundation.
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